Crimping services – crimping of cables For a number of years, we have been making efforts to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. We offer crimping services compliant to IPC-A-620 standards. With the experience of our personnel we are able to crimp even the smallest contacts. Our services are based on the machinery of reputable Swiss manufacturers, which guarantees precision and reliability.

Wide range of capabilities:

1. Many connectors to choose from:

Insulated connectors: Non-insulated connectors:
– round connectors – plates connectors
– wire pin connectors – wire pin connectors
– flat connectors – ring connectors
– spade connectors – eyelets
– ring connectors – flat connectors
– bootlace ferrules – spade connectors
  – bullet connectors
  – bootlace ferrules

2. Wide range of applicators to streamline large-scale production. They help us to manufacture our products quickly and precisely. 3. Crimping connectors of cables with cross sectional areas of 12 AWG to 28 AWG. 4. We also have manual crimping tools to offer small batch production. Trust the professionals! Each product is carefully tested. The tests include:

  • visual inspection – comparison of the product with the Gold Sample
  • pull test
  • crimping force monitoring using Crimp Force Monitor which operates with our crimping machines