Industrial cable bundles

Cable bundles – MCI production

wiązki kabloweCables make it possible to transfer energy and data between all types of electrical appliances. In order to transmit simple data, one cable is sufficient. However, many appliances, especially highly advanced ones, require whole cable bundles. MCI manufactures them, adjusting offered electric bundles to customers’ individual needs.

Electric cable bundles adjusted for many industries

Cable bundles are used in many industries. Our customers most often order them for the following sectors:

  • automotive – cable bundles are successfully used not only in electrical systems but also in electronical ones (e.g. they are inevitable for computer vehicle diagnostics or for CB radio power supply etc.),
  • electronics – we offer electrical cable bundles needed for a.o. computer drives and disks as well as bundles for the transmission of information (e.g. used in computer rails or for connecting sensors),
  • automatics – cable bundles are inevitable for construction of appliances and industrial lines,
  • medical – they are useful a.o. for control systems in medical equipment, cameras, probes, monitors placed on panels etc.,
  • telecommunications – for data transfer and power supply.

Our offer can also be suitable for companies from any other sector of industry. The team of our experts manufactures standard cables on individual request as well as whole bundles – electric and for data transfer.

What are the benefits of ordering cable bundles with MCI?

Our work is based on top quality benchmarks and European standards. The production process follows precisely elaborated procedures, which ensure that all electric bundles leaving the production line meet the technical requirements.

Our cable bundles:

  • are designed and manufactured so that they could exactly meet our customers’ expectations – before the production stage we discuss all the details with our customers to make sure the output is going to be fully compliant with the product’s intended use,
  • are made of thoroughly selected materials and components, adjusted to the environment in which the bundle is going to be installed,
  • they combine top quality and innovation with a competitive price.

Our technical consultants will provide you with the detailed terms of cooperation. You can contact us via telephone or via a convenient contact form available at our website.