Cables manufactured on request

Cables, wires, cable bundles… without them it would be impossible to connect different electrical or electronic appliances into a single network. As a cable manufacturer with almost thirty years of experience in this industry, we are perfectly aware of this fact. We also know that sometimes standard connection wires are not enough. It can happen that standard USB cables, patch cables or monitor cables do not have technical parameters that correspond to the requirements of the equipment. It is where tailor-made cables, prepared on individual request, are optimal.

If you are interested in connection cables made on request, feel free to cooperate with MCI. Our advanced machinery park and comprehensive expertise in the field make it possible for us to deliver even most complex orders. Our engineers will design with your assistance ideal connection cables of any type and MCI will manufacture them from scratch, with particular focus on their repeatability and perfectly adjusted technical parameters.

What cables manufactured on request are there in our offer?

In simple words, we offer connection cables of all types. Regardless of the intended use and parameters required for your connection cable, MCI experts are capable of meeting your expectations.

Our tailor-made cables can be adjusted to the needs of customers from different sectors, like: defence, automotive technoloy, transportation, industrial, IT, energy or medical sector.

How connection cables on individual request are made?

Their production process has a number of stages – everything so that the output could meet any non-standard expectations.

  • The first step is to discuss with our customer the intended use of the new connection cable and expected technical parameters. Our experts will thoroughly analyse the initial information.
  • The next stage is taken over by our MCI experts. We elaborate a design and prepare specification for new connection cables. We submit it to your approval.
  • When the technical specifications of the product meet your expectations, the production process follows. It proceeds in highly controlled conditions. We focus on meeting the most restrictive quality standards – everything so that our cables made on request ideally answered our customers’ needs.
  • The manufactured connection cables are delivered to the indicated location – we deliver our products to destinations across Europe.

How to start cooperation with us? All you need to do is to fill in the contact form available at our website. Please, describe briefly what are your expectations with regard to non-standard cables. Our consultant will contact you in order to discuss the details of our cooperation.