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Almost 30 years of experience enabled us to consolidate our market position and gain numerous contractors.

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About us

Since 1989, MCI Sp. z o.o. has been focusing on delivering high-quality products and services to our customers.

We specialise in manufacturing special-purpose cables used in many sectors, such as: Medicine, Transportation, Energy, IT/Telecommunications, Industry, Monitoring / Security, Automotive technology, Defence.

Where do our products go?

MCI: experienced manufacturer of cables and wires

Welcome to MCI Sp. z o.o. website. We specialise in manufacturing all types of cables, which can meet the requirements of customers from many industries. We have been producing cables since 1989. Almost 30 years of experience enabled us to consolidate our market position and gain numerous contractors. Today we offer a variety of cables and wires of unprecedented quality. It is the quality of MCI products that attracts the attention of customers across Europe. We encourage you to become our customer as well.

Cable manufacturer: we combine tradition and innovation

When launching our activity as a manufacturer of cable bundles, we were one of the first companies of this type in Poland. From the very beginning our focus was on the quality and variety of products, due to which we managed to gain a meaningful position on the Polish and European.

As a cable manufacturer:

  • we operate on the basis of strict quality standards – the production process is brought to perfection at any stage, thanks to which we can offer you cables and wires with perfect technical parameters,
  • we constantly enlarge our offer by adjusting the specifics of our products to market demands – cable manufacturing includes traditional electrical wires as well as modern USB cables, monitor cables, patch cables or industrial cables,
  • we ensure efficient and quick delivery of the ordered products to any destination in Europe – as cable and wire manufacturer we constantly streamline and accelerate the production process, which enables us to meet the needs of our customers,
  • we are concerned with the optimisation of the production costs, yet not at the expense of lower quality. Therefore, we can say that our products are available at optimal prices.

Cable manufacturer: check our offer

MCI offer covers a wide range of cables and wires. Among available products there are:

  • patch cables,
  • curly cords,
  • USB cables,
  • BNC connector cables,
  • monitor cables,
  • camera cables,
  • industrial cable bundles,
  • audio, video and TV cables.

As cable bundle manufacturer we also offer the possibility of manufacturing cables on request – according to the technical specification provided by the customer.

Cable manufacturing is our domain

We specialise in cables. We constantly expand our expertise and develop our machinery. Our team consists of experts with a relevant know-how and innovative approach to production process. That is why, as a cable manufacturer, we enjoy considerable trust on the market.

If you are interested in purchasing modern and well-made cables for different purposes, do not hesitate to contact us. MCI consultants will be pleased to present our offer to you and they will help you to select products that perfectly meet your needs. Welcome!