Spiral cables

Top class spiral cords

When the distance between appliances connected by a cable changes dynamically, spiral cords are the best solution. Thanks to their special “spring” construction, a cord expands or contracts, depending on current location of the connected appliances.

With spiral cords it is possible to:

  • spare space – such cables would not hang loosely, tangle or unnecessarily take space,
  • eliminate the risk of breaking a cable and disrupting the connection – due to their specific construction,
  • increase the safety and comfort of work.

MCI offers a wide variety of spiral cords for a full range of uses. This technology allows us to produce any type of cables – from standard patch cords for phones, through cables used to connect a computer to a vehicle, to special-purpose cables for industry, automatics or robotics. Majority of them are cables available on request, where technical parameters, like size or type of a plug are tailor-made according to our customers’ needs.

How spiral cords are made?

The production technology used for that type of cables is different than in case of a standard production process. The cord is subjected to a special process as a result of which it obtains a characteristic spring shape – it is called cord curling or coiling.

This technology enables us to manufacture any cable which:

  • can expand three times the length of the spiral itself,
  • is highly resilient and can dynamically adjust the technical conditions of its performance,
  • is resistant to mechanical damage and can be expanded and contracted some thousands times.

These are spiral cords that are manufactured by MCI. Due to advanced production technologies we are able to:

  • manufacture spiral cords with parameters precisely adjusted to the customer’s needs (length, thickness, type of plugs etc.),
  • adjust the cable coating material to individual expectations and specific use of the product,
  • quickly manufacture even large amounts of spiral cords and send them to customers located across Europe.

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